bd_t definition changes

Richard Danter richard.danter at
Fri Apr 30 22:59:42 EST 2004

Hi All,

I am trying to boot linux 2.4.24 (from ELDK 3.0) on an EST SBC8260 using
U-Boot 1.1.1 which I downloaded from the Denx ftp site.

U-Boot seems to be working just fine. I can tftpboot the uImage and
start executing the kernel using bootm. But...

I have discovered that the bd_t (board info) being seen by the kernel
does not match what it expects. Looking closer at the source, I can see
that the definition of this structure differs between that in the kernel
(arch/ppc/platforms/est8260.h) and U-Boot (include/asm-ppc/u-boot.h).

Should I fix the kernel version and submit it as a patch, or will that
break other things?? Recommendations welcome!


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