ttyS1 on an MVME5100

ghannon at ghannon at
Fri Apr 30 03:15:21 EST 2004

> does somebody ever uses the second serial channel on a Motorola MVME5100?

Do you mean the second channel on-board, or one of the serial ports that
are available using the IPMC-761?
I set console=ttyS1, and the result was similar to what you saw, the
board locked up.  I don't recall if I let it reboot (ie was it a panic or
a lock-up.)
I also tried just echoing some text to ttyS1 and it locked up as well.

> I'm using Linux version 2.4.7-timesys-3.1.246 from Timesys. Since this is
> free download there is no support from them.

I also tried using the ports available on the IPMC and got no where.
They don't seem to be recognized, unless I left out some kernel option.
I'm using the 2.4.23 kernel from the linuxppc_2_4_devel tree.

Please let me know if you find a solution to this.

G. Hannon

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