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Oliver Korpilla okorpil at fh-landshut.de
Wed Apr 28 17:28:25 EST 2004

Magnus Damm wrote:
> I don't know what magic patches that are applied to the mvl-3.1 kernel
> that a customer of mine use, but we use one kernel with initrd (ext2fs)
> and nfs root + ip pnp support. Then we select at boot-time how we want
> to boot the system:
> Development: "noinitrd ip=on nfsroot="
> Standalone: "ip=off"
> We boot a "Gzipped Multi-File Image" from u-boot, but I guess that booting
> a standard zImage from anywhere would do too.

A quicker solution was to use my flash as a JFFS2 root filesystem (it
was actually quite complicated, because write support in the kernel
(MTD) is broken for the onboard flash chip - well, read it on the
linux-mtd ;) ). I now mount this readonly, and I have a filesystem
without needing to reserve RAM for it - where the initrd resides. So
this is actually a better solution, that utilizes my ressources better. :)

I would like to still found a solution incorporating an initrd, but in
this case only for completeness' sake.

Anybody ideas about how of if to set the following parameters:

root, rootfstype, keepinitrd

and any others needed to use the initrd?

Residual-Data Located at: $01F5511C
loaded at: 00005400 001655BC
relocated to: 00800000 009601BC
zimage at: 008058B0 008C16FA
initrd at: 008C2000 0095D000
avail ram: 00400000 00800000

I'm a bit unsure whether these are good values, or if the place the
initrd is relocated to at loading is actually problematic - e.g.
problematic with regards to HIGHMEM, or end of memory. I have 32MB of
physical mem.

Hope I didn't demotivate anyone to find a solution, though! ;)

With kind regards,
Oliver Korpilla

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