826x FCC ethernet in promiscuous mode

Rune Torgersen runet at innovsys.com
Wed Apr 28 04:39:12 EST 2004


I cannot seem to get  the FCC ethernet controller on a 8266 to do
promiscous mode correctly.
I am trying to use tcpdump to show some traffic on a hub it is
conneccted to (and yes it is a hub, not a switch). Tcpdump does not show
anything but what it would show normally (ie broadcast and packets
addressed to the interface)

I have tested the hub using another computer running ethereal and it can
se everything it is supposed to.

Any ideas?
(I had a quick look in the sources, and it seems that the promiscous bit
gets set)

This is running on 2.6.5

On a related note... Anybodyu know how to get linux to see RFC-1042
formated ARP packets?

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