Initrd and PPCbug, can it work?

Oliver Korpilla okorpil at
Tue Apr 27 22:42:54 EST 2004

Magnus Damm wrote:
>>Maybe this is an endianess problem in my initrds?
> As long as you use ext2 you should not have any endian problems.
> It might be tempting to use other fancy filesystems, but I don't
> like endian problems so I usually stick to ext2. I create my
> ext2 initrds on x86 systems and use them on ppc without problems.

Yeah, I see. But this may be the problem that I had the cramfs error
messages even with a cramfs initrd - this is endian sensitive and only
makes little-endian - won't work without a patch, so I really better
stick with ext2,hm?

Oliver Korpilla

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