MPC880 and ELDK

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Thanks for the information. Actually wanted to validate my assumptions and to make it doubly sure that i can look  for support from the list.


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>  Does  ELDK support  MPC880 arch? (linux distro in it)

The MPC880 is just  another  member  of  the  MPC8xx  family.  It  is
supported by the ppc_8xx packages in the ELDK.

> If yes , can i have some details on that?


> If ELDK doesnt is there any other distro i can go for..?

I think your question is wrong. You don't need a new or special Linux
distribution for each new processor. What you need is  processor  and
board  support in U-Boot and the Linux kernel - but this is obviously
board dependent.

>  Since Uboot supports MPC885 i presume it has to support MPC880, coz except
>  for the extra security module and the SCC they dont differ a lot.

Tey are just like all the other 8xx processors.

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