Re: Re: which is the best root File system in embed linux system?

jeffy leo_guo at
Thu Apr 22 18:44:34 EST 2004

Because our board will be turned on and off frequently, so I think "high
stability" is the important, and a R/W file system is prefer selection
too! Another performances such as speed of booting is not the focus!

Now our system can runs ok, I use EXT2 FS as the root file system build
in a 32M DOC2000, but it seems it's unstable! In any time when the linux
is starting, you turn off the power, maybe the root file system will

I have serval questions want to be confirmed:
1. Whether the DOC2000 is unstable?
2. Can I build a EXT2 FS in flash?
3. How to avoid the file system crash in embed linux system?


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