PCMCIA problem help!

yhxing xyuhua_telecom at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 16:30:04 EST 2004

>In message <Sea1-DAV123WOXs8Nxn0001ba6d at hotmail.com> you wrote:
>>    Our board was bought from a company. This company use TQM823L
>> board files in PPCBoot 1.1.5 as a model and it made some changes
>> accroding to their hardware connections(but these changes are
>> trivial). And the pc card voltage is 3.3V.
>As I stated before: I guess your board is mis-configured. Even trivial
>changes of the hardware may need adaptions of the boot loader and/or
>kernel sources.
>You don't give enough information so it's impossible to say what might
>be wrong.

  Because I am not familiar with pc card, I do not know which
information do you need to decide the error. Can you tell me about that,
and then I will provide the information needed as elaborate as possible.

  Thank you!

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