jffs2 problem help!

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Apr 22 16:25:25 EST 2004

In message <BAY13-F46HY44cnNRxG0000368d at hotmail.com> you wrote:
> During creating jffs2 ,I modified the file /drive/mtd/maps/rpxlite.c just
> like the file tqm8xxl.c,I refered the manual DULG.after loading and running

I understand that your board is neither a rpxlite nor a TQM8xxL -  so
which board are you using then?

> init_rpxlite_mtd: chip probing count 0
> request_module[cfi_cmdset_0002]: Root fs not mounted
> Support for command set 0002 not present
> RPXLITE: No support flash chips found!

Seems you misconfigured  your  MTD  sub-system,  like  selection  CFI
support  when  you  board  in  fact does not use CFI conformant flash
chips. Or your board does not find the correct start address  of  the
flash  memory  -  which  in  case  of  the TQM8xxL gets passed in the
bd_info structure by U-Boot.

> Where is wrong? and when I use the commmand xd ,show no command,why?

Please explain where "xd" comes into play?

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