PCMCIA problem help!

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Apr 22 02:58:35 EST 2004

In message <Sea1-DAV39b0zrAXBir0002037c at hotmail.com> you wrote:
>   When I use PC card on mpc823, there is some trouble, the card

Which board is this?

> m8xx_pcmcia: Version 0.03, 14-Feb-2000, Magnus Damm
> m8xx_pcmcia: TQM8xxL using SLOT_B with IRQ 13.

You configured for a TQM8xxL board, but from the messages  I've  seen
it  doesn't  look  like a TQM823L to me. Are you absolutely sure that
this is a TQM823L? And do you use U-Boot for loading?

>   What is the matter with it?

I guess it's a misconfigured board.

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