System ACE MPU interface to CF card

Jon Masters jonathan at
Tue Apr 20 11:02:26 EST 2004

Jon Masters wrote:

| I am having problems with xilinx_sysace at my end. This is on a
| non-ML300 which is not running at anything like the same clock as the
| rest of you at this moment in time (for various hardware development
| reasons unrelated to the Linux side). I have a classic case of debugging
| printk code altering the rate of execution and making things work.

I received a mail offlist about this concerning the issues with an
earlier revision of the xilinx_sysace driver brokenly not following the
datasheet and failing to hold the device configuration controller in
reset while doing transfers. I have now upgraded to a new verson.

This has fixed the ``hardware seems fairly screwed, it's not giving me
interrupts when I want it! arrrgh!'' type problems but I still get
random lockups and corruption of the request queue, which I think is
related to a missing spinlock aquisition somewhere else.

To be honest I might soon get annoyed enough with it to rewrite it.
Clearly Xilinx think it is a really good idea to have this HAL concept
(and I think it is a really really bad one) - and I am one of the people
that ends up using this code so really want something that works :-).


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