ppc4xx_find_bridges( ) hangs kernel on Xilinx ML300 (PCI)

Mike Wellington wellington at lucent.com
Tue Apr 20 06:54:18 EST 2004

Awesome!  You Rock!


Peter Ryser wrote:
> The PCI support that is currently included in the Linux kernel tree is
> for the V2PDK based OPB -> PCI bridge. It will not work with the EDK
> based OPB -> PCI bridge, i.e. you will find exactly what you see.
> Please download the EDK reference design for ML300 from
> http://www.xilinx.com/ise/embedded/edk_examples.htm (design #6). The
> design contains the V2PDK based bridge (including the pcore therefor)
> and, thus, the Linux kernel will work fine with that design.
> We are currently working on moving to the EDK based bridge and the Linux
> kernel tree will be patched once this work is completed.
> - Peter
> Mike Wellington wrote:
>> Hi-
>>   I am trying to port the Xilinx PCI code to
>> an embedded linux kernel.  The code calls
>> ppc4xx_find_bridges( ) during the kernel initialization
>> and hangs the kernel.
>>   I built the GPL 2.4 kernel from the Open Source
>> archives and it hangs also.
>>   Then I copied ppc405_pci.c from the GPL source
>> to my kernel tree and copied  head_4xx.S from the
>> GPL source to my kernel tree and it still
>> hangs.
>>   I'm starting to wonder if there is something
>> wrong with the PCI support for the Xilinx OCP PCI
>> core.
>>   Does anybody have a working PCI device on a
>> Xilinx Virtex-II Pro using the Xilinx-supplied
>> PCI core?
>> -mike wellington
>>  wellington at lucent.com
>>  anyplatform at bithead.com

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