Need help booting linux on my 8265 board

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Mon Apr 19 20:21:53 EST 2004

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> Need help booting linux on my 8265 boardHello,Mr Pereira

Can you please  STOP  posting  nearly  the  same  quesrtions  to  the
linuxppc-embedded  and  u-boot-users mailing lists? Please decide for
one list, or, if you really, really feel the message must go to  both
lists,  then  send  it  as  Cc:,  but never two separate and slightly
different messages.

>    I'm sure  IMMR base is the same for both U-boot and Linux. Uboot mapped at 0xfff00000, but I want to know why linux mapped at 0xC0000000 , the uboot say   "## Transferring control to Linux (at address 00000000) ...", so KERNELLOAD should be 0xc000000
> 0 or 0x00000000?

Welcome to the world of virtual addresses. See

>     and if I use linux kernel 2.4.20,  CONFIG_CLOCKS_IN_MHZ should be 0 or 1?

It should be not defined at all.

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