MPC85xx support

Matevz Langus matevy at
Fri Apr 16 01:22:12 EST 2004


I also use U-Boot and Linux 2.4 on 8560 quite successfully.
Has anyone tried to use SPE unit of e500?

I would also be interested in dev versions of 85xx kernels? Is it possible
to get access to the cvs?


> Jon Loeliger wrote:
>> I am planning to release an updated version of the mpc85xx support
>> for U-Boot in just a few days.  It will be updated to Rev 1.1 and
>> has major improvements to the TSEC driver.
> Major improvements?  I recently posted a patch for the RPC/STx 8560
> board that included some TSEC updates, I don't know if they have made
> it into the CVS.  If not, please snag that from the mailing list so
> they are not lost.
>> .....  An updated Linux release
>> is close as well, but I'll let my partner in crime speak there. :-)
> Those of us working on 85xx support have our own local versions of
> Linux 2.4.  Due to the amount of change and the desire to keep 2.4
> stable, we are negotiating some clever ways to get this checked into
> the public trees.  I have the U-boot and kernel available for the
> RPC/STx GP3 boards on my server, if that is useful to get you started.
> Thanks.
> 	-- Dan

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