Patch for Linux 2.6 on MPC5xxx

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Thu Apr 8 20:22:26 EST 2004

Here is basic support for the MPC5xxx on the 2.6 series :

 * The patch can be obtained at :

It applies to a tree constructed by a
bk clone bk://
bk pull bk://

 * There is also a read-only bitkeeper tree at

Please, try to avoid cloning it directly since the BW is limited on this
server. Prefer a :
bk clone bk://
bk pull bk://
bk pull bk://

which should give the same result.

There is a Documentation/powerpc/mpc5xxx.txt file for more informations.

Any comments, feed-backs, patches, whatever, are welcomed ;)

Sylvain Munaut

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