MVME2100 patch

okorpil at okorpil at
Thu Apr 8 00:51:19 EST 2004


Before I'm going into a prolonged Easter weekend, I've updated my patch
for the MVME2100.

Straightened out the interrupt configuration of the EPIC according to tips
from Tom Rini, commented a bit of stuff, cleaned up the patch itself, and
tested it. Boots up, works fine.

Tests for sanity of PCI/PMC cards and the VME-Bus stuff are planned for
the next weeks.

Get the patches at:

My interrupt config without addon cards looks like this:

# cat /proc/interrupts
  2:          0   i8259     Edge      82c59 secondary cascade
  8:          0   i8259     Edge      rtc
 16:       1828   OpenPIC   Level     eth0
 25:        311   OpenPIC   Level     serial
BAD:          1

I still wonder why it maps RTC to IRQ8, because it should be at 27 in my
current config - 2nd line after serial.

Was wrong about IRQ stuff last time - I'm off course operation in serial
IRQ mode here, because there is a serial IRQ source (8259(attached to the
IRQO of the OpenPIC, giving me the 12 (16 in total, 4 unused) IRQs I care
about. But no cascade within that 16 lines, so no cascade hook.

I hope I got it right now.

Have a happy Easter, y'all.
Oliver Korpilla

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