8540 board hangs console when running with Linux 2.4.20 kernel us ing latest SPS TSEC multicast Ethernet drivers

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at motorola.com
Wed Apr 7 09:09:13 EST 2004


Are you really running 2.4.20.  There a few MMU bugs that I've come
across and fixed, that you might be hitting.  The main one shows up as
the system getting into a deadlock.

Do you have any hardware JTAG debugger that your able to see where the
system is when it hangs?

- kumar

On Apr 6, 2004, at 5:52 PM, Hawkes Steve-FSH016 wrote:

> I'm running a Linux 2.4.20 kernel on a custom PPC 8540 board and am
> encountering a problem which causes the console, and eventually the
> entire
> system, to hang during bring-up of our primary application.
> When using a kernel using the standard Ethernet drivers delivered in a
> Metrowerks or Montavista ADS board distribution, everything appears to
> work
> fine. We pulled in the latest Ethernet drivers from SPS (gianfar*,
> etc.) to
> pick up multicast support, which is required for OSPF, and started
> running
> into problems, but the problems don't have any obvious relationship to
> the
> new drivers. When I bring up our applications on the board from the
> console
> tty, the console stops responding at a random point during application
> initialization (which is a fairly CPU-intensive sequence involving many
> processes and threads).
> We are running the root file system via NFS, so I've been able to
> examine
> /var/log/*, etc., remotely, but see no error messages. Likewise, the
> console
> shows no error messages or output once it stops responding.
> Usually when this occurs I am still able to ping the board for some
> period
> of time. Eventually it stops responding. Occasionally the board is
> entirely
> unresponsive to pings when it hangs.
> Oddly enough, when I enabled telnet on the board and connected to it
> before
> starting our application, the telnet session survived the console
> hang. I'm
> able to run ps, gdb, etc., from the telnet session for a considerable
> period
> of time even though the main application appears to have stopped in the
> middle of its initialization. What is really odd is that ps -aux shows
> no
> change in CPU% for all processes from the time of the hang
> forward--it's
> like all measurement of CPU utilization froze at the time of the hang.
> The
> 'top' command also freezes at this point. If I try to start it after
> the
> hang, 'top' never does anything; that is, it displays no output and
> does not
> return.
> I cranked up gdb on what I believe was the last process started within
> our
> application and see the following in several threads within the
> process:
> Thread 4 (Thread 32771 (LWP 1201)):
> #0  0x0f191ff8 in select () at <stdin>:2
> #1  0x0f191fd8 in select () at <stdin>:2
> #2  0x0f9d72f4 in selectProc ()
>    from /home/visitor/linux-8540/active/lib/LINUX/libgosrk.so
> #3  0x0f9d2900 in serviceJobs ()
>    from /home/visitor/linux-8540/active/lib/LINUX/libgosrk.so
> #4  0x0f9de798 in threadEntry ()
>    from /home/visitor/linux-8540/active/lib/LINUX/libgosrk.so
> #5  0x0f046b8c in pthread_start_thread (arg=0x4) at manager.c:300
> #6  0x0f198dc8 in clone ()
>     at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/powerpc32/clone.S:78
> Thread 3 (Thread 16386 (LWP 1200)):
> #0  0x0f04d210 in nanosleep () at <stdin>:2
> #1  0x0f04d1fc in nanosleep () at <stdin>:2
> #2  0x0f049320 in __pthread_timedsuspend_new (self=0xfffffdfc,
> abstime=0x0)
>     at pthread.c:1288
> #3  0x0f045fe0 in pthread_cond_timedwait_relative (cond=0xf9f69b0,
>     mutex=0xf9f6a28, abstime=0x305bf9d0) at restart.h:45
> #4  0x0f9df8a8 in srkWaitForCond ()
>    from /home/visitor/linux-8540/active/lib/LINUX/libgosrk.so
> #5  0x0f9d52c8 in threadWatchMonitor ()
>    from /home/visitor/linux-8540/active/lib/LINUX/libgosrk.so
> #6  0x0f9de798 in threadEntry ()
>    from /home/visitor/linux-8540/active/lib/LINUX/libgosrk.so
> #7  0x0f046b8c in pthread_start_thread (arg=0xfffffdfc) at
> manager.c:300
> #8  0x0f198dc8 in clone ()
>     at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/powerpc32/clone.S:78
> Perplexed by the number of threads waiting in nanosleep, I compiled
> and ran
> a program which simply calls nanosleep with a timeout of one second.
> When
> run before the hang, it sleeps for a second, then continues (of
> course).
> When run after the hang, it sleeps forever (or as long as I am willing
> to
> wait).
> As far as I can determine, the only difference between a set-up that
> works
> and one that doesn't is the change from the standard 8540 Ethernet
> drivers
> to the bleeding-edge ones from SPS. An examination of the changes in
> the
> drivers with our limited driver expertise shows nothing suspicious.
> Any helpful pointers to troubleshoot this problem would be appreciated.
> Steve Hawkes
> Motorola

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