Segmentation fault

ppclinux at ppclinux at
Wed Apr 7 04:08:31 EST 2004

We have a Motorola-PPC8270 based inhouse blade which runs Uboot-1.0.2 and
Mvista 3.1 Linux.

We have succeeded in downloading the kernel by means of Uboots TFTP,
uncompress, start and NFS mount a rootfile system including Busybox.

However, when typing e.g. command "ls" we get a segmentation fault but
other commands like "cd" or "help" works fine. Could this be a incorrect
memory mapping problem? It seems that the Linux Kernel wants to fork a
process when doing e.g. "ls" and in that sequence fails and gets a
segmentation fault.

Happy for any guidance,

Cheers // Matias

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