Losing my console messages !!

Andrei Konovalov akonovalov at ru.mvista.com
Tue Apr 6 02:50:30 EST 2004

Garcia Jérémie wrote:
... skipped ...
> I noticed the presence of two "#define" which seem to be important but it's hard to me to understand how they really act:
> include/asm-ppc/pc_serial.h -->   #define BASE_BAUD ( 1843200 / 16 )
> arch/ppc/boot/common/ns16550.c--> #define SERIAL_BAUD	9600

Not sure if you should use pc_serial.h. If you look at include/asm-ppc/serial.h many boards
use their own definitions for this stuff. But probably this is OK for ceder.

#define BASE_BAUD ( 1843200 / 16 )
assumes that you use 1.843200 MHz clock for your UARTs.
As this is not the case for your custom board, you should change BASE_BAUD properly.
For this you could create your own header file and include it from include/asm-ppc/serial.h
(I don't think modifying pc_serial.h is a good idea).

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