How to change /proc to the writable directory

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> when I boot kernel and mount file system( cramfs and JFFS), for default, the dir /proc is not writable that located in cramfs. Now, I want to change it to be writable. which places/functions should I modify?

/proc it it's own pseudo-filesystem. You don;t include this  in  your
filesystem image, but rather mount it.

> In cramfs I have these dirs:
> /bin
> /root
> /boot
> /sbin
> /usr
> /mnt
> /dev/ --> /mnt/rwfs/dev
> /proc --> /mnt/rwfs/proc

Make /proc a plain directroy,  and  as  part  of  your  init  scripts
execute something like "/bin/mount -t proc proc /proc"

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