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Write an ioctl method in your module. And provide provision in ioctl to take
a function pointer & store it.
Whenever there is an timer interrupt, check for this pointer, if not NULL ,
then you can call the function. When your application comes up, makesure u
pass the command to ioctl of your module with the function pointer as arg.

Hope this help !

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> Hi,
> I have a module and an application program in user space:
> The Module performs the following task: at init it initializes the cpm
> timer register of the mpc823,
> such that an interrupt is generated every x microseconds. Thus, I
> installed an interrupt handling function f that handles the timer
> interrupts.
> My problem is that the module / the interrupt handling function should
> execute a procedure defined in the application program. How can I pass a
> pointer (which points to that function) from the appl.program to the
> module, such that the handler can execute this function every x
> milliseconds? I thought to create a procedure in the module that accepts
> a function pointer as argument. But how can I achieve, that this module
> procedure is visible to the application program? Does somebody have a
> suggestion or know another way to do it?
> Regards,
> Juergen

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