Cross Compiler running under Win32

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Nov 27 14:19:00 EST 2003

Steven Scholz wrote:
> does someone know of a cross compiler (producing code for let's say MPC8xx) that
> is running natively under win32 (Windows2000/XP) without stuff like CYGWIN?
> I'am just wondering.
> Apparently MVISTA released their new "DevRocket" which is supposed to
> run under
> WindowsXP. So I assume they have cross compilers for "30 processors from 8
> architectures" running under Windows...

They could well be using cygwin for the compilers; they charge
enough that the licensing fee for cygwin is peanuts, I bet.

But what's wrong with using Cygwin?

Answering my own question, it's a bit of a challenge to use
cygwin in an installed package because there are fairly
frequent incompatibilities introduced in the cgywin dll,
so if the user installs a newer or older version than you
expect, your installed package won't work.  It's rather
maddening.  And it seems there's no way to 'embed' cygwin
in such a way that it uses a private copy of the cygwin dll.
- Dan

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