Question on PPC

Ajay ajay at
Tue Nov 25 22:59:05 EST 2003

Hi All,
I am planning to port linux-2.4.22 kernel to our custom hardware board which
is based on PPC8250, I was searching for the ppc patch file for to apply to
linux-2.4.22 kernel, but tough luck, Could you please point out the right

I as trying from last two days  to access  and  but seems that server is down from long time as I can not
access these web sites. Any comments!!

One last question is if I am not lucky to get linux-2.4.22 patch for PPC I
would like to try to add support for linux-2.4.22 could you please suggest
correct point to start? I am thinking that I can start from linux-2.4.18
kernel and listing all the files that has been patched for PPC and try to
manually patch at first time, If lucky I could get through, is my approach

Any pointers!!!

Thanks and warm regards,
Ajaya babu

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