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Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Nov 25 17:08:24 EST 2003

Christopher R. Johnson wrote:
> This is probably way too big a question to ask here, but I'm hoping
> someone can help me.  I have inherited a gcc 2.95.3 cross development
> tool chain, which has been working fine to build for my powerpc-linux
> target machine.  I'm building the kernel and user programs fine.  I'm
> beginning to find as I add things in that I'm missing libraries.  Today
> its libresolv which I need for pump.  Some questions:
> 1. Do I really need to go back and build my own tool chain?  I've tried
> grabbing 2.95.3 sources and building by running configure with
> --target=powerpc-linux, but I get some missing include file errors
> building libgcc2.a.  I'm on a 405GP (no fp).  Should I even bother doing
> this?

Only if you run into trouble with your old compiler.
If and when you decide to rebuild the compiler, see for a recipe you can follow.

> 2. On my intel development machine I see that libresolv.a comes from
> glibc-devel-2.2.5-34.  I have gcc-2.96-110 for my compiler.  Should I go
> find a version of glibc-devel that matches up with my existing 2.95.3
> tools?  How will I know if its the right version?

Again, (if you study it, and compare it
with Karim's book) will help show you how to build the glibc of your

> 3. Better yet, is there somewhere I can just obtain a reasonable tool
> chain that's ready-built for my target machine?  Complete with libraries?

That same URL can show how to build a reasonable toolchain for the ppc405
without any thought on your part, if you choose to not read and
understand the script.  It's always better to read and understand, though.

> Sorry for the newbie type questions.  I have the "Using and Porting GNU
> CC" book, but am finding it a little too Stallman-esque to follow.  Anyone?

Your question is quite reasonable.

BTW, which glibc does your toolchain use?
- Dan

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