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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Nov 24 22:49:36 EST 2003

Dear Gianfranco,

in message <005601c3b275$39446fd0$0700a8c0 at pc005> you wrote:
> The question is: The ELDK 2.01 package (which is currently being used in our
> system) is too large to be fitted into a ramdisk, while the minimum
> filesystem does not allow to be used in our midrange application. Does

What do you mean with "the minimum filesystem does not  allow  to  be
used" ?

> anybody have or can indicate where can we find an almost complete filesystem
> scheme (for instance based on the ELDK packages)?

The ELDK contains the SELF package  (SELF  =  Simple  Embedded  Linux
Framework)  which  is  intended  as  a  building  stone  for your own
application images. Instructions how to add files and/or  change  the
size  of  the  filesystem and how to generate different image formats
(ramdisk, cramfs, JFFS2) can be fund in the DULG. See especially


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