Peculiar problem(s) on MBX board

L. Puneeth Rao puneeth_l at
Mon Nov 24 15:41:38 EST 2003

Greetings All,
         I have a MBX evaluation board with a MPC860T processor. I have
used 2.4.18 kernel sources,  ppc-patch-2.4.18, cross compiler
gcc-core-3.3.1 and binutils- to obtain a zImage on a x86 host
machine. To download this image to the board i have used TFTP server-client
technique. But the TFTP client on the board reported a "Transmission
carrier sense lost error" ( eppcbug error-14). In fact i am unable to ping
to any machine in my network from the eppcbug prompt.
         Therefore I obtained image.srec (using powerpc-linux-objcopy) and
tried to transfer the image through serial port (using lo command at the
eppcbug prompt and minicom) but eppcbug is reporting a "S-record character
error" with error char = $0D and the malicious s-record is
S1F0002015554466723232F. And there is no such record in the image.srec file
         Here is a snapshot of image.srec
Upon taking a closer look at the 2nd s-record in the image.srec we can see
that the malicious s-record reported by eppcbug can be obtained by
extracting all the alternative characters and clubbing them together.
         Kindly suggest a way out. TIA
With regards,

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