440gx ethernet lockup

Brian Kuschak bkuschak at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 21 17:32:47 EST 2003

> What kernel version? What board? Eval or your custom
> one?
> If the custom one, did you try your test on eval?

It's based on 2.4.19 linuxppc_2_4 plus IBM's
440gx_nova_fp patch.  Custom hardware.  During
previous testing on eval board there was a loss of
connectivity, which in hindsight could have been this
problem.  I'm working on reproducing it on the eval

> How long does it usually take to get into lock up
> state?
> I've just ran your "find" cmd for 10 minutes on our
> 440GX board
> without any problems.

With aforementioned command, <5000 to 300,000 packets,
if MSWM bit is disabled or enabled, respectively.
Only happens if nfs is mounted tcp, udp mode doesn't
seem to trigger it, or at least not as quickly.

> What clock mode are you using (533/152, 500/166 or
> smth else)?
> Do you have L2C enabled? If yes, please check
> L2C0_SR for parity
> errors (we have some problems with several our 440GX
> boards).


I'll check on the parity errors, although I'm not sure
how that could lockup the EMAC.


> Eugene.

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