Network problem when using jtag debugger on EP8260

Jeff Mintz jmintz at
Fri Nov 21 12:16:37 EST 2003

I am attempting to debug the Linux Kernel on an Embedded Planet 8260
using a COP JTAG debugger.  I am encountering a behavior where when I
the kernel, and resume, the kernel's ability to access the network seems
be disturbed.  I am wondering if anyone has seen something like this

Let me clarify the problem:

[Case 1]
- I boot the Linux kernel (version 2.4.22, obtained from Embedded
- When I get to the prompt, I halt the target using the debugger.  The
target always seems to halt at address 0x904.
- I resume the target.  A network access (such as "ls") takes about 7
seconds, instead of being instantaneous.  (I'm not using a ramdisk, so
uses NFS).
- If I halt and resume again, network access is slowed down even
further, certainly to the point of being unusable.

[Case 2]
- When I get to the prompt, I issue the command "while(true); do true;
done" which sets the kernel off and running infinitely (until I stop it
with Ctrl-C).
- Using the debugger, I halt the target.  I am not at 0x904, but
somewhere else, either in the kernel code, or in what seems to be a user

application page.
- I can stop, singlestep, resume, set and hit breakpoints using the
debugger.  When I finally stop the while loop, the network is fine.  All

of my debugging activity did nothing to disturb network access.

[Case 3]
- Same as Case 2.  This time, after halting the target, I set a
breakpoint on the first line in the function fcc_enet_rx.  I resume the
target.  This breakpoint is hit about 15 times, and then it is not hit
anymore.  When I attempt to stop the while loop, the network access has
been disturbed.

[Case 4]
- Same as Case 1.  This time, before I halt the target using the
I unplug the ethernet cable.  Then I halt the target, and it is again
at 0x904.
- Now I resume the target using the debugger.
- Now I plug in the ethernet cable to the target again.
- Network accesses (i.e. ls) works fine.

My primary goal is to fix Case 1.  I do not want to lose network access
when I halt the kernel when it is idle.  Case 2 gives me hope that this
is possible, because this is a case where I can halt the Linux kernel
without disturbing the network access.

The JTAG debugger I am using is a Green Hills Probe.  I have also tried
an Agilent E5900B Emulation Probe and seen similar behavior.

Some questions:
- Has anyone seen this before?  If so, is there a known remedy or
workaround?  (For example, is there a kernel patch?  Is there a way to
recover from this slowed network state?)  If not, does anyone have
a theory to explain why I am seeing this behavior?
- Does this occur on the BDI2000 debugger?  I don't have access to one
those, but I hear that is the best JTAG debugger for Linux.  If anyone
easily try some of these test cases on other debuggers and let me know
results, that would be helpful.
- Is there any reason to think that the scenario I described in Case 1,
halting the target while at the shell prompt, is something that users
typically don't do (and hence, I shouldn't worry about it)?

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Mintz
Green Hills Software

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