Cybook - MPC823e

Raphael Ertle raphael.ertle at
Wed Nov 19 03:46:03 EST 2003

Hi all.

I hope this won't be off-topic, but here is my problem.
I've just acquired a Cybook (e-book reader), which is
MPC823e-based. It comes with a minimalist Windows CE 2.1.12,
an e-book reader and some web-connection. It has 16MB RAM and
32MB ROM, an 800x600 color screen, USB, IrDA, serial and sound
output (USB and IrDA are disabled in this version of Windows
CE), and 4 keys (Up, Down, Menu, Configuration).
What I would like to do is get rid of the CE-os, and of course
install Linux.
BUT, there does not seem to be any JTAG connector or anything
else (it's not a development board), and I don't have neither
the skills nor the material to re-flash anything.
What I wonder is if it is possible to wire some JTAG connector
(I guess pins must exist, and if yes how may I find them), or
if there may be an other way to load something like an other
system. I have really no access to the underlying OS (no magic
key combination, no magic reset, ...), so I guess it can only
be done "hard".


Raphael Ertle

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