SDRAM mirroring problem

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Mon Nov 17 19:53:36 EST 2003

Resending this as i didn;t get any response.....

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  My board uses SAMSUNG K4S511632M SDRAM in 8M * 16 bit * 4 banks configuration
(13 rows & 10 columns).Two such chips are used to get 128 MB and uses CS1 for
chip select.My board uses MPC852T processor.

MPC to SDRAM configuration is as follows:
A29 :A0
A28 :A1
A27 :A2
A26 :A3
A25 :A4
A24 :A5
A23 :A6
A22 :A7
A21 :A8
A20 :A9
GPL_A0 : A10
A18 :A11
A17 :A12

A6 :BA0
A5 :BA1
My problem is that when i write some word in first RAM chip is mirrored
in the other RAM chip.And Effectivly i m able to use only 64 MB of RAM.
What could be the problem???
Following SDRAM settings are used

OR1: 0xf8000e00
BR1: 0x00000081
MAMR: 0x80a06114
MAR: 0x88

Thanks in advance...

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