Silicon Motion VGA controllers and PPC architecture

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Thu Nov 13 06:36:48 EST 2003

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> I'm looking for a VGA controller to use with an embedded PPC405-based system.
> I had a look at the Silicon Motion chips (712/722) and they seem very
> suited for embedded applications.
> Unfortunately the techical support claims that these chips, because the
> presence of x86 BIOS, support only the x86 architecture. Anybody can
> confirm this?

The presence of a x86 BIOS is no killing point to use such a board on
a PowerPC system. All you need to do is to run the BIUOS  code  using
some  sort  of x86 emulator. Such a beast is for example available in
U-Boot - the AmigaOneG3SE board uses it.

Ummm.. I didn't say it was trivial to get this running,  but  it  has
been done before.

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