EST sbc8260 boot debug

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Nov 12 01:04:34 EST 2003

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> into some problems.  This is a 8275 FADS board.

Arrrrggghhhh!!! Why do you write "EST sbc8260" in the subject, then?

> I have downloaded the simple-ramdisk-PPCBoot supplied

This ancient ramdisk image is NOT suitable to a MPC82xx processor.  I
have  removed  it  from our FTP server some time ago, and I recommend
everybody to rm it, too.

Please use a SELF image from the directory

> I tftpboot the kernel to 100000, the simple-ramdisk to 300000
> set boot args to root=/dev/ram rw   then    bootm 100000 300000
> and still run into problems:

It would have been extremely useful if you had actually shown HOW you
do this, and the relevanlt lines for the kernel boot log. Instead you
just send a useless snippet.

> Here is the last part of the start up log
> ...

...which is more or less useless without the first part  which  shows
which boot arguments you actually passed to the kernel.

> devfs: v1.12c (20020818) Richard Gooch (rgooch at
> devfs: devfs_debug: 0x0
> devfs: boot_options: 0x1

Try disabling devfs in your kernel configuration.

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