Irq time response with rtai + linux-2.4.20 kernel with a mvme5500

xavier grave grave at
Thu Nov 6 02:51:59 EST 2003

Hi Everybody,

Everything is now running on my mvme5500 board :
linux-2.4.20 + motorolla patches + rtai 2.4.18 patches
our local universe driver with a few modifications
After a setpci in order to have a sufficent pci window for the tundra
windows (Thanks to Ajit Prem) everythings works.

We have setup a test crate with irq at 500 Hz. The irq handler write to
the VME only after 4.3 microseconds. The only bigger value is about 6/7
microseconds due to caching effects.

I will put order in the driver code before putting the sources on the
web (mixed code from 2300/5100 with the one for the 5500 board).


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