linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200 / 5200lite first day conclusions

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Mon Nov 3 10:30:48 EST 2003

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> - It looks like that it is not so easy any more compile non u-boot
>   version of kernel. Make zImage gives one compilation error
>   mentioned and does not even work after it.

zImage  requires  a  Linux  bootstap  loader;  this  has   not   been
implemented (yet). We use U-Boot so we don't need it.

> ---> Easiest way is to move to u-boot

Right :-)

> - With u-boot Wolfgang Denk give advice to make ram
>    loadable version. I just did not find easy instructions
>    to make it.

We do NOT recommend to use a U-Boot version booting from RAM; you can
do this if you really want and if you know what you're doing; what we
recommend is to use the standard version and install  it  instead  of
the original bootloader.

> -- Compile u-boot flashable version. Even it
>   is vompiled for 0xff800000 base address it looks a like
>   that it needs still CFG_RAMBOOT if it is
>   started from dbug with go ff800100

Building a low-boot configuration requires more than  just  modifying
the flash base address.

> - Try to meke your own ramdisk image. There is still
>   in uboot manual pages just mentioned "old wau" , read
>   kernel Documentation/initrd.txt . The way i used
>   to do it does not work any more. uboot just saus
>   invalid magic number. Try found out what is wrong

Start reading the U-Boot manual at

You   can   find   pre-built   ramdisk   images   for   testing    at (use the ppc_82xx
version for the MPC5200).

> - Got kernel died with "cant fork init",
> -->find out that your old linux kernel utilities, busybox, init
>  jne are no longer copmpatible with libraries, make or find new set

You must have done something wrong when building the  ramdisk  image.
This works fine for me.

> Looks a like that it is doable but it needs lot of time and
> once again "reverse documentation read" that is that found
> first a solution and then you find documentation ......

Please feel free to contribute to the DULG

This is a wiki, so everybody can help improving it.

> May be good step by step instructions are needed someones that
> won't spend all day long hacking

Maybe you can point out what is mussing in the DULG, and we add it?

> -- After midnight you are hungry, tired and five cats and dog are asking
> food
> --> feed them and go to sauna ... ;)

I guess I know how that feels (even without cats or dogs).

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