linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200 / 5200lite zImage continued

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Mon Nov 3 02:55:59 EST 2003

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> I just fixed it by comenting out setting baudrate, then it will leave it as

This is not a good idea.

> it was after dBug. Now i get kernel booting up and initial strings
> coming out
> but kernel crashes after initMMU ( early boot prit enabled ),
> I think that i have something wrong in .config.

No. It's much more likely that you missed to pass  someother  of  the
required  information.  You  have  several options: manually set up a
bd_info structure with _all_ of the required  information;  modifying
U-Boot  so  that  you  can load and start U-Boot from RAM; installing
U-Boot into flash.

You can always get a tested and working configuration  by  performing
the standard kernel build procedure:

	bash$ make mrproper
	bash$ make icecube_5200_config
	bash$ make oldconfig
	bash$ make dep
	bash$ make uImage

[The "LITE5200" can  be  considered  identical  to  the  "IceCube"  /
"IceCube+" as far as the Linux kernel is affected.]

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