2.4.18mvl30 & 1 GB Board

Karoliya, Abhishek Abhishek.Karoliya at fci.com
Sun Nov 2 05:11:53 EST 2003

   thanks a lot , a spot on solution.. {Should have checked the list...}
that's indeed the case here, with one of the code lines.

   "io_block_mapping(0xff800000, 0xff800000, 0x00800000, _PAGE_IO);"
I will  check with this modified to appropriate value {I don't have hardware
right now}

Just one question , will this even effect when the kernel is compiled with
no CONFIG_HIGHMEM option? Thats the image I first tried and it hung ...{When
I was expecting it to come up with 768 MB of Memory}


Hi ,
  Are u having a call to io_block_mapping () in ur
arch/ppc/platfrom/<board_setup.c> covering the PKMAP_BASE ( 0xfe000000) when

using a kernel configured with CONFIG_HIGHMEM ?
The io_block_mapping will be used by you to get the early serial messages on

the console.

Read the mail from Mark below


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