MPC850SAR with SPI support

Alex Zeffertt ajz at
Mon Jun 30 18:39:21 EST 2003


Why are you combining an SPI driver with an ATM driver?  Shouldn't you
create two separate drivers instead?


On Sun, 2003-06-29 at 17:31, li wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am implementing SPI interface with MPC850SAR and linux kernel 2.4.18.
> The following is what i have done:
> 1. set the SPI related registers
> 2. allocate the dpram and memory for SPI buffer
>    descriptor and RX/TX buffer.
> 3. enable all possible interrupts for SPI
> After writing  to SPI interface, i can get transmit interrupt from cpm, since SPI performs write and read simultaneously, the BD_SC for READ will be set with not EMPTY, but in fact it is not. And what i get in the SPI dev is not correct.
> ps: i select the I2C and SPI UCODE PATCH when making menuconfig.
> Any comment please go ahead!
> regards!
> Li

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