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greggiraud at netcourrier.com greggiraud at netcourrier.com
Thu Jun 26 17:10:52 EST 2003

Hi, I try to use my flash on my custom card. It's like a MPC8260ADS.
The flash is the AMD AM29DL323GB. I read some source from ppcboot with am29dl323b. And for the moment I just want to ask the flash the manufacturor id. I try the source that I have  found, but it doesnt function. When I make the autodelect sequence, and then read the first word, normally I would read the manufacturor ID, but I read the word that is the flash.

So is someone has used this flash? Have you got source or ideas about that?

Nota: I initialisaze the flash when ppcboot is relocated in the ram.
greggiraud at netcourrier.com

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