partitions info of CF flash

丁厚永 nari_dhy at
Wed Jun 25 17:50:41 EST 2003

    My evaluation board is Xilinx ML300. RTOS is MVL pro3.0.
    I have two problems.
    One is how I pass the partition info to kernel. There are three parts in CF flash. The first saves .cfgs with FAT FS(which fs should i select? msdos/vfat). The second saves zImage. The last one is used as root device with ext2 fs(a better one?). I have looked the code in drivers/block/xilinx_sysace/adapter.c. I find it seems only to initialize the CF device without the partitions.
    The other is that where can i get the driver for uart lite(xilinx_uartlite.c).


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