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Tue Jun 24 00:31:31 EST 2003

On Monday 23 June 2003 09:37, Rakesh jagota wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have ported linuc on IBM 405 ppc based board. we have a small query.
> How can we directly run the application after switching-on the board
> (without typing "root" at login prompt.

There are several ways/things you can try:

1.- Start your application from one of the init scripts (search in
/etc/rc.d/... for the right spot)
2.- Replace /sbin/init with your application (dangerous, you'll have to know
what you are doing, and your application needs to start up all other things,
just like init.)
3.- Edit /etc/inittab to change the order in which things are started. For
example if you wanted to start your application in every runlevel, put
something like this into /etc/inittab:
This will keep your application always running, and restart it if it quits.
4.- replace /sbin/login with your app ;-)

There are probably many more options, but I hope this helps for a start.


David Jander
Protonic Holland.

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