framebuffer access in little endian mode

Ralph Blach rblach at
Fri Jun 20 21:22:25 EST 2003


One thought would be to modify the pte entries to support little endian and have an
IO_Remap little endian.  (To those who think this is herasy or what ever, I accept you

Any body else out there with better, and I know there must be better solutions?


Laurent Mohin wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm designing a custom board with a 405GPr and a Silicon Motion SMI712
> graphic controller. The interface to this chip is via PCI interface and it
> gives access to its internal framebuffer in little endian format. Because
> access done by the 405GPr are in big endian, color in 16bpp mode aren't
> displayed correctly.
> Unfortunately, it seems that the chip doesn't provide a way to access the
> framebuffer in big endian format.
> Any  hints are welcome.
> Laurent

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