RTC for MPC8xx with Linux ?

Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 20 00:05:28 EST 2003


Personnaly I use a DS1306 on SPI to do RTC on a
I don't use it under linux still now. But succesfully
run it under RTOS.

It's port under U-Boot so it's should not be difficult
use it under linux. If someone have some more
about DS1306 under linux (or throught U-Boot may be).

If you want to look at the DS1306 U-Boot driver, look

Expects that help


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> Subject: RTC for MPC8xx with Linux ?
> Hi everybody,
> Thanks for all the answers I got over experience
with the MPC852T.
> One other thing I was investigating is the RTC.
> What RTC solutionts are known for easy interfacing
with MPC8xx processors,
> that work under linux ? What's the standard ?
> There are a number of PC-compatible RTC chips out
there, but I
> don't seem to
> like them much, because they're generally quite
expensive, have a lot of
> functionality which might be nice, but is not really
needed in my case.
> Any experience with smaller 1-bit (or SPI) RTC's
under linux ? I'm looking
> basically for a Battery-backuped time-keeping
> Greetings,
> --
> David Jander
> Protonic Holland.

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