DeLaGarza, Robert robdlg at
Wed Jun 18 23:57:35 EST 2003

I'm having a slight problem with a Matrox G450 PCI card.  It's hosted by an Artis SBC-A3000 (it's like a Sandpoint with an
MPC8245).  The kernel is a modifed MontaVista 2.4.19-pre8, and there is no keyboard.

My kernel command line includes:

console=tty0 console=ttyS0,9600

The card initializes and displays console output, and text redirected to /dev/tty0 also appears.  However, after 5 or so
minutes, the card apparently goes to sleep.  The monitor goes black.  Messages from the kernel do wake the display
up, however.

How can I keep the card from sleeping, if indeed that is what is happening?

Incidentally, while searching the linuxppc-embedded archives, I encountered a question regarding "matroxfb: cannot
determine memory size."  I had the same error, but using "init" in the kernel command line alleviated it.

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