kgdb for ppc8260 linux-2.4.2

jayan jacob jayanjacob at
Wed Jun 18 15:26:59 EST 2003

  I am trying to get the kgdb working for linux-2.4.2
on a ppc8260 board. I got the error "undefined
reference to functions putDebugChar, getDebugChar and
kgdb_interruptible" while compiling the kernel.

  In the case of 8xx, these functions are defined in
the file 8xx_io/uart.c. I suppose it is not ported for
8260. Where can I get the ported uart.c code for 8260?

 The changes needed looks simple, but I don't want to
waste time if it is already available elsewhere.
 If I have to port it, I would appreciate some
pointers or cautions for possible pitfalls?

Jayan Jacob

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