MPC855T, SCC1 as UART hangs

Tue Jun 17 01:17:56 EST 2003


I have a MPC855T-based board with SMC1, SMC2 and SCC1 configured as UARTs (ttyS0 to 2).
I also use SPI and I2C, and the FEC.
The kernel is 2.4.4 from the ELDK; I tried the CVS linux_2.4 also.

My problem is:

When I boot the board with the 2.4.4 kernel and the ELDK pRamdisk,
I can cat /etc/protocols >/dev/ttyS2 alright; but if I boot using the same kernel but with an NFS-mounted root, then the same cat hangs until I ctrl-C it.

Since the kernel is exactly the same in both cases, I thought I'd find something in /etc that would play tricks on ttyS2 during bootup, but I found none.

Does anyone here use SCC1 as an UART on an MPC8xx, or have experienced similar problems trying?

Thanks in advance,


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