Problem with kernel loading in PPC IBM405 based board

Marius Groeger mag at
Fri Jun 13 18:48:01 EST 2003

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Rakesh jagota wrote:
You really should fix your date settings or apply for a role on Star
Trek. :-)

> I am using openBios code, but i m not able to load the zImage.treeboot using
> tftp or serial port. I am directly loading the zImage.treeboot using JTAG
> (RISCWATCH). But I am not able to find out the exact loaction where we should
> load the image and then from where should be start running the kernel. I have
> seen the stext loaction (0xc0000000). Can you guide me exactly where should I
> load this image.

0xc0000000 is the virtual address where the _kernel_ is linked and supposed
to run after the MMU has been turned on.

The image you are trying to load is a preloader with a compressed kernel
image attached to it. The preloader is an ELF file that runs at an entirely
different address. It will uncompress and run the kernel (@ address 0x0).

To answer your question: the zImage is linked to 0x00400000 (check
arch/ppc/boot/simple/Makefile, LD_ARGS). The OpenBIOS can load ELF images,
so just use it. I don't recommend direct downloading with RISCWATCH,
although this may work.


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