PCMCIA polling!?!

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jun 12 20:09:17 EST 2003

In message <5f23aa5f1089.5f10895f23aa at iol.pt> you wrote:
> in fact the system I'm working in,
> uses the PCMCIA input ports as general purpose input ports.

I see.

> Can the system use edge detection and interrupt capability (on those 2 li
> nes - IPA6 IPA7) or shall it perform a polling.

I already answered this question:

> > CBBVD1/2  (Battery  Voltage  Detect 1 and 2). Interrupts can be abled
> > individualy for each of the 4 pins in  the  PCMCIA  Interface  Enable
> > Register.

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