setting caching properties of pte entries

Callebaut Benoit callebaut at
Thu Jun 12 01:45:00 EST 2003

To avoid cache problem when doing dma transfer on a MPC8245 I want to set
myself the WIMG flags of the pte entry for a mapped block of memory.
Where can I do this. I don't find the code responsible to create the pte and
to set those flags for the MPC8245.

The purpose of this is to do PowerPC initiated DMA on pre-allocated buffers.
And I have some problems with datas not well written sometime whith
Can this be related to the use of get_free_page instead of kmalloc ?

Or does someone have an idea to ensure cache coherency for the DMA transfer
without using bus snooping if possible. Like a manual management of the cache
(using flush_dcache_range and invalidate_dcache_range for example)

Benoit Callebaut

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