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Christophe.LINDHEIMER at fr.thalesgroup.com Christophe.LINDHEIMER at fr.thalesgroup.com
Wed Jun 11 22:45:37 EST 2003


I am trying to use MTD on my board.

I have two flash AMD LV160BB that are configured in 16 bits.

They are in parallel so I have got a 32 bits bus wide.

Each flash is 2 Mo . So the total is 4 Mo.

My flash starts at @ : 0x04000000.

So in the configuration for Linux I set
	CFI : yes
	Start @ : 0x04000000
	Size : 0x00400000
	Bus Width : 4

The result at the boot is :

physmap flash device: 400000 at 4000000
 Amd/Fujitsu Extended Query Table v1.0 at 0x0040
number of JEDEC chips: 1
0: offset=0x0,size=0x8000,blocks=1
1: offset=0x8000,size=0x4000,blocks=2
2: offset=0x10000,size=0x10000,blocks=1
3: offset=0x20000,size=0x20000,blocks=31
mtd: Giving out device 0 to Physically mapped flash

Is it correct ?
Why is there only one JEDEC Chip detected ?



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