LinuxPPC porting guide and Init sequence

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Wed Jun 11 16:17:33 EST 2003

Dear all,
    I am a newbie in LinuxPPC. I search the lists but can not get these infomation, so would you like to tell me in details?
    1. The LinuxPPC porting guide, which instrct greenhand to do LinuxPPC porting to his own PowerPC platform. I get the Linux Mips porting guide and Linux ARM guide, but still don't find the guide for PowerPC.
    2. The LinuxPPC initialization sequence. Most guides are based on X86.
    3. What is the difference between Linux2.4.4 and Linux2.4.20 in respect of PowerPC, I find a new dirctory named platforms under arch/ppc in Linux2.4.20, so why Linux made this change.

    Thank you and best regards,
                  Tao Walliams

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